Well-managed inventory specific to fire departments needs results in more accurate tracking and record-keeping to ensure smooth operation of firehouses.

FireHouse Manager effectively tracks inventory throughout your entire department, supporting multiple locations. It tracks replacement dates and alerts based on your departments specific needs. Our inventory software is very user-friendly eliminating the hassle of dealing with complicated programs.

Many fire departments question if they can afford an inventory system like FireHouse Manager. If your department is still using an Excel spreadsheet, or even worse pen and paper than the real question is can you afford not to.


Your equipment is critical to firefighter safety and risk management. Make sure it is regularly maintained and available when needed. Improperly maintained or damaged equipment can cost your organization a considerable amount of money and more importantly, create a dangerous situation.

From boots to vehicles, Firehouse Manager helps you request and track of your routine and special maintenance requests.

  • Easily capture costs and maintenance spending by asset, station or time period.
  • Identify those items due for replacement, as well as items with high maintenance costs assisting you when it’s time to create or update your budget.
  • Increase Equipment Uptime

With prices starting at $999 per year FireHouse Manager provides a cost effective, efficient method of record keeping and organization for fire departments of any size.

The possibility of equipment failures is greatly reduced when it receives routine preventative maintenance. With FireHouse Manager software, scheduling and tracking routine maintenance is a snap.

At FireHouseManager, LLC, we are all about effective management of data. That's why we developed our software suite designed specifically for the needs and challenges of fire departments large or small. We want to simplify, speed up and automate your record keeping processes, so that you can focus on more important aspects of your job.